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Updates to GazeTV Identity Verification Requirements

Effective immediately, all Gazers are required to complete Identity Verification to make a withdrawal from your GazeTV account.

Why Identity Verification?

This identity verification process supports GazeTV's Know Your Customer (KYC) efforts to identify and verify customers' identities. KYC is an essential practice and a requirement for compliant organizations against fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illegal corruption schemes.

Is GazeTV Identity Verification Mandatory?

Identity Verification is only required when you make a withdrawal from your GazeTV account. Any other activities on GazeTV, such as video upload, engagement reward earning, direct support to creators, DO NOT require Identity Verification.

If your account hasn't completed Identity Verification, a message will pop up if you try to make a withdrawal:

How to Complete Identity Verification on GazeTV?

The verification process requires ID card verification, face verification, document verification such as utility bills as proof of address.

  1. Go to your Profile

  2. Scroll down, and you will see the Verification section

  3. Fill in your information and attach your passport / identity card and proof of address*

  4. Click Verify and wait for approval **

* A proof of address can be utility bills such as water, phone, or electricity bills within the last 3 months. Please note that the bills need to show your name and address clearly.

** In general, the approval process takes up to 2 working days.


Once you have submitted the required documents, the Verification section on your Profile will indicate Verification: Pending during the approval process.

If the Verification is approved, you will see Verification: Approved DD/MM/YYYY (approved date).

If the Verification is declined, either you have entered the wrong information or submitted an invalid document, you will see Verification: Declined DD/MM/YYYY (declined date). You will need to provide the correct information to verify your account.

Contact Support if you need further assistance.

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