Phase I - "Gaze Age"

June 2019
The idea was born. Kick starts the project of GazeTV. Beginning of research, planning, and technical development.

Pre-Registration Stage

November 2019 - March 2021
Pre-registration started. Over 2,000 early Gazers signed up.

Private Access Launch

30 March 2021 private access opened to early sign-ups. Over 250,000 minutes of video content uploaded to the platform in two weeks.

Upload Reward Pool Injection

22 April 2021
The initial upload reward pool of 10M GAZE are all distributed. Second injection is made.


14 May 2021 Phase 1 "Gaze Age" is publicly accessible on 14 May 2021.

Phase 1

Phase II - "Gazer-lization"

16 July 2021
Pre-announcement of the new features rolling out in phase 2.

New Features & User-Interface Re-Design

September 2021
New user interface design is expected to complete in September 2021.

Go-live Scheduled

March 2022
Target to go live with phase 2 by March 2022.

Phase 2

Phase III - "Gaze Space"

2022 - 2023
To be announced.

Phase 3