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GAZE Usage on the GazeTV Platform

You earn GAZE every time you engage (view, like, comment, or share) with video content on You also earn GAZE by uploading original content on It’s simple and easy to collect GAZE on the platform, but what can you do with the amount of GAZE you earn in your account?

Unlock Paid Content

You can spend GAZE to unlock paid content on the GazeTV Platform. If the video has a GAZE token icon on it, it means that the video requires payment before the user can access the video content.

Paid content shows a GAZE token icon in the video player.

Click on the GAZE token icon, and you will see the amount of GAZE required.

Purchased videos are saved under Purchased. You can view purchased content anytime unless the videos are unlisted or deleted by creators.


Direct Support to Creators

You can also use GAZE to support your favorite content creators directly on the GazeTV platform. Under the video player, there is a Support button next to the Like button.

Click on the Support button, and you can enter the amount of GAZE you would like to donate to the content creator.


Stake for Gifts Redemption

You may also stake GAZE to redeem a staking reward in Reward Center. The required amount of GAZE varies from different reward options. GAZE will be withdrawn from your wallet and then returned to you after the staking period ends.

The first staking reward - GazeWatch, will soon be available. Details will be announced when it is ready for staking in early August.

But first, here's how GazeWatch looks like:


And of course, you can always make a withdrawal to your designated ERC-20 compliant wallets: GAZE Withdrawal Tutorial.

Wider usage of GAZE will be available in phrase 2. Stay tuned - more details are coming soon!

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