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Introducing GazeTV Telegram Trivia Quiz

At GazeTV, we aim to make content creators and the audience, at large, a part of one big family as we all work towards earning in the visual blockchain space.

So, YES! We are hosting our first-ever Trivia Quiz! Are you ready?!

What? Trivia Quiz?

10 questions will be asked, consisting of your knowledge of GazeTV and your general knowledge of Blockchain.


We will be hosting the quiz on our Telegram channel for all our community members.

Not yet on GazeTV Telegram? Join here:


Friday, 13th May 2022 by 5 PM UTC


The first participant who gets the highest score in the trivia quiz gets the reward.


☑️ Correct answer = 5 points

☑️ Participants have only 2 minutes to send in answers.

☑️ First correct answer wins the points

☑️ Individual with the most points wins it all.

Reward Pool = 10,000 GAZE

How much do you know about GazeTV? It is time you start making your research.

Stay connected for more updates.


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