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Swap Now Directly For Utility Usage

With just a few clicks, you may swap from SNGJ, ETH, or USDT to GAZE directly on the GazeTV platform for utility usage on

Follow the steps below to do the swap:

1. Create an account with

2. Go to the Reward Center of your account.

3. Send SNGJ / ETH / USDT to your account's deposit address.

4. Scroll down to the Swap section, click the arrow icon to choose the token, then input the amount you'd like to swap.

5. Enter your account password to authorize the swap.

6. Go back to the top of the Reward Center page, click "Refresh Balance" to check your latest balance of GAZE.

Please note that the processing time for a swap is subject to Ethereum blockchain confirmation; on some occasions, Ethereum network congestion may delay the swap function. Contact Support if you need any assistance.


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