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Say Hello to #Gazerlization

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Last year, GazeTV was first launched with Phase 1 GazeAge. While GazeAge primarily focuses on the video aspect, the emerging GAZE tokenized ecosystem has proven to be a solid way of not only embracing content creation but also connecting content creators and their audiences to support and interact directly with each other. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, the built-in reward mechanism plays a significant role in supporting the GAZE ecosystem, where the Upload Reward Pool allows content creators to build their content economy and the Engagement Reward Pool promotes user engagement on the platform. Upcoming in Phase 2 Gazer-lization, we are taking the GAZE tokenized ecosystem to the next level, turning GazeTV into an all-rounded social entertainment platform.

While the reward mechanism remains, a lot more new features will be introduced in Gazer-lization to achieve the ultimate goal - bringing the Gazer community closer. In Gazer-lization, our primary focus is no longer just on videos but on social and entertainment as a whole. After nearly a year of preparation and features development (see GazeTV’s milestone), new functions such as live streaming, social networking, referrals, P2P transfer, and voucher system will be rolling out altogether in this phase.

New Features At A Glance
  • Social Networking Space - Interaction and connection between Gazers can now be more direct and instant. The “Zone” section allows Gazers to express themselves and connect with other Gazers who share the same interests. This will enable creators to reach out to their fans and vice versa. Once you add each other as Zonemate, you may view each other’s updates at the Zone and perform live chatting. Stay connected.

  • Live Stream - This long-awaited new feature will soon be available on GazeTV. Live streaming makes the interaction between content creators and audiences happen in real-time. Creators can host public or private live streams for multiple purposes, from streaming a music show, an event or just casually chatting with fans. Private live streams allow creators to control the audience capacity and set the ticket price. To make streaming more entertaining, GazeTV live stream involves participated features, such as fun sharing and super chat, for audiences to get involved in the live stream more than just watching. Creators receive revenue from ticket sales and Super Chat purchases.

  • User Tier - GazeTV introduces multiple levels of user tiers to encourage on-platform user engagement. User tier involves four levels, from GazeBie, GazeSeed, GazeTank to GazeStar. As the user level goes up, Gazers can enjoy increased incentives and privileges, including additional rewards on content revenue, access to more social features, free vouchers, and more.

  • Referrals - In this new phase, GazeTV provides an alternative revenue stream for every Gazer, from content contribution and engagement. By referring family and friends to join GazeTV, Gazers can earn referral rewards for every successful referral. Rewards are uncapped. The more referral you make, the more referral rewards you can get. Extra incentives are distributed to referrers once the referee completes the required tasks.

  • Channel Membership Subscription - A membership subscription on GazeTV lets content creators publish their member-exclusive content on your channel. Creators can set the pricing on the channel membership to ensure a steady income on content monetization. This feature does not require any qualification. Every creator is eligible to activate your channel membership.

  • P2P Transfer - GazeTV offers on-platform transfer for Gazers to send and receive GAZE instantly with no fees. Gazers can send GAZE to your Zonemates directly without leaving the platform with a few clicks. Every transaction is recorded and protected on the blockchain.

  • Gazepon - Gazepon is the voucher system on GazeTV for Gazers to redeem exclusive offers on the platform. Gazepons distributed by GazeTV or Creator offer different discount rates, which can be applied to ticket sales, content transactions, and more. At the Gazepon center, it lists all the available and valid Gazepons. Gazers can grab and save the Gazepon of your choice on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • MetaMask Integration - For crypto-savvy users, GazeTV makes everything easier for you. Once you have your MetaMask wallet connected to your GazeTV account, you can conduct platform transactions, such as P2P transfers, deposits, withdrawals, and balance check, directly from your MetaMask wallet on the GazeTV platform. The wallet connection works as a hybrid model consisting of both decentralized and centralized exchange transaction flow.

Whether you are a content creator, a regular user, or just an affiliate, Gazer-lization provides you with the best possible social entertainment experience.

In terms of content monetization, Gazer-lization empowers content creators to build and expand their content economy in multiple channels. In addition to the existing content upload reward mechanism, where creators are awarded GAZE tokens based on the duration of their uploaded content, creators can monetize their content through live streaming, content transaction on a single video or collection purchase, channel membership subscription, or direct support from audiences.

As for users, GazeTV serves as an ideal space for you to socialize, express yourselves, and stay connected with your favorite creators or your loved ones. Users are incentivized based on the platform's level of engagement and involvement.

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If you are looking for tips for getting started with GazeTV, please refer to the User Guide.

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