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We Are Switching to Phase 2

Phase 2 Gazer-lization has gone live for nearly half a month. With the Phase 2 platform's features and functionalities getting stable, GazeTV will officially be switching from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

16 September 2022

Phase 1 Closure

23 September 2022

Deadline for Wallet Balance Transfer Request

30 September 2022

Wallet Balance Transfer

(Time zone: UTC+1)

How can I claim my Phase 1 wallet balance?

As announced, the wallet balance of your Phase 1 account will be able to transfer to your Phase 2 account. To do that, you first need to use your Phase 1 registered email address to create an account at A new Phase 2 wallet address will be generated when you complete registration. Once your new wallet address is ready, you can submit the request for a wallet balance transfer.

The deadline for request submission is 23 September 2022. After submitting your request, our team will confirm with you, and the wallet balance transfer will be made on 30 September 2022.

What does it mean by Phase 1 closure on 16 September 2022?

When the Phase 1 platform is shut off on 16 September 2022, the site will migrate to the Phase 2 platform. Gazers will have to switch to the Phase 2 platform to enjoy the features of GazeTV. All content on the Phase 1 platform will be removed.

What do I need to do with my user account when the Phase 1 site is closed?

After 16 September 2022, you can no longer access the Phase 1 platform. If you wish to save the video content on your channel, please do so. GazeTV will not save any content.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with Support.

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