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CryptoChallengers x GazeTV AMA Recap

CryptoChallengers x GazeTV Ask Me Anything session was hosted on August 24. If you have missed this AMA session, here's the recap for you.

Segment 1 Introduction

GazeTV is an innovative social entertainment platform with built-in tokenomic incentives and reward functions. The GAZE tokenized ecosystem empowers creators and audience members to interact, support and continuously grow with one another.

Could you Guys please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

Sure. Hello everyone — My name is Doreen. I am the marketing manager of GazeTV.

Can you briefly introduce the project GazeTV? What are some of the utilities of $GAZE? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

GazeTV is a revolutionary social networking and entertainment platform that combines the best of Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies to deliver a community-owned and socially conscious experience that empowers content creators and incentivizes users.

The GazeTV project involves 3 phases. Phase 1 “GazeAge” was launched last year, in which the primary focus was on the video aspect. We have successfully built the Gazer community allowing content creators and their audiences to interact, support and grow with each other.

And now, we are at Phase 2 “Gazer-lization”.

In this phase, we are taking the GAZE tokenized ecosystem to the next level. GazeTV is no longer just a video platform but an all-rounded social entertainment platform. Many more features are rolling out in this phase, including the social networking space, live stream function, referral program, and the diverse reward earning structure.

We encourage you all to create an account on to experience this new form of social entertainment.

How GazeTV works for creators, users and affiliates?

That’s a great question. At GazeTV, we divided our users into 3 roles — creators, users/audiences, affiliates.

And we are devoted to offering the best possible social entertainment experience to every Gazer, regardless of their role.

For content creators, GazeTV serves as a well-rounded platform for content monetization. There are multiple ways for creators to build and expand their content economies, such as content upload & engagement rewards, content pricing, membership subscriptions, direct support from audiences, and more.

For users/audiences, GazeTV is more than just an entertainment platform to them. We reward users for their engagement and involvement on the platform. In addition to the watch-to-earn reward structure, GazeTV also provides a social networking space where users can directly interact and connect with their favorite creators or other Gazers.

Lastly, in terms of the referral program, everyone is welcome to be an affiliate for GazeTV. The referral rewards are unlimited; in other words, the more referrals you do, the more referral rewards you can get.

How can users register and set up their GazeTV profile?

It’s very simple to sign up and create an account on GazeTV.

To register, you may sign up with your email address, or your existing Google or Facebook accounts. Once you’ve created your account, you can go ahead to set up your profile, which includes your basic information, self-description, and interest tags.

Based on the information you provided, the system will recommend the most relevant content and potential zonemates to you.

I would love to know all features and services of GazeTV and also tell us how GazeTV is unique and better than others?

That’s a hard one to pick. Since the launch of Phase 2, there are a lot of new features and functions.

But I’d say the most unique feature is our reward mechanism. Our reward structure is diverse, involving content contribution, content engagement, referrals, staking, bounty campaigns, and more.

With the GAZE rewards you earn on the platform, it’s spendable on user privileges upgrade, content purchase, and more. That’s how the GAZE tokenized ecosystem works.

Maybe, you can give us some info of the upcoming features if possible xD

New features include live streaming, referrals, channel membership subscription, “Gazepon” our voucher system, P2P transfer, etc. All these new functions are now available on

Lastly, What is your most ambitious goal of your project? We would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

At GazeTV, our ultimate goal is to repair everything that is broken with the existing social entertainment platforms, particularly in terms of the broken censorship and hidden algorithm.

On legacy platforms, even though content creators contribute to the platform, they are not compensated fairly and transparently. We are making a change on this with our transparent reward mechanism.

Our aim is to engage the Gazer community of both content creators and audiences who consume the content in a mutually beneficial manner.

As for upcoming updates, since we’ve just launched Phase 2 “Gazer-lization”, there will be a lot of happenings on, including but not limited to bounty campaigns, exclusive content promotion, etc.

And also! $GAZE has just been listed on Bittrex Global! 🚀


Segment 2 Twitter Questions

How did you come up with the idea of creating your Project solution? Was it due to impermanent loss or some similar personal experience that made you understand that there would be room for such solution?

The idea for GazeTV first came about because we have been using traditional social media platforms ourselves and we see how users are being exploited.

No offense but take YouTube as an example. From the creators’ perspective, they are often complaining about the yellow monetization icon, which affect their income. Not to mention the hidden algorithm makes it difficult for creators, especially creators with a relatively smaller fan base, to reach new audiences.

From the general user’s perspective, user experience is heavily affected by the advertisements on the platform. Unless we purchase a premium account, we are forced to finish the in-stream ads before we can watch the actual video content.

The root of these problems is that the business model of legacy platforms relies on advertising revenue.

Therefore, we built GazeTV as a platform to have a win-win ecosystem for both creators and audiences. That was the beginning of GazeTV.

Many games nowadays charge a high fee to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does GazeTV have an entry fee or initial requirement & if so, what is it? Do I need to hold some tokens to enjoy & play #GazeTV?

We don’t require users to pay any entry fee nor fulfill any requirement to join the platform.

Instead, we encourage Gazers (that’s a term we used to call our users 😎) to earn on the platform by their contribution.

This involves content upload, content engagement, referrals, and so on.

There are tons of ways to earn rewards directly on GazeTV, and with the rewards you earn, it’s actually spendable on the platform.

Do we also benefit from every video that we upload? What are the things that affect how much profit we get from each video that we upload?

Every video published on GazeTV gets the upload rewards based on the duration. The current reward rate is 1 GAZE per 10 seconds.

And the engagement rewards are given for any engagement actions performed on your video content. Engagement actions include view, like, comment and share. Each action is 0.25 GAZE. That means the more popular your content is, the more you can earn from your video.

“STAKING” is one of the strategies to attract users and hold users. Does your great platform have plan about Staking?

Yep, staking is available on GazeTV.

Currently, the staking rewards are a GazeTV snapback and a GazeWatch — a watch that can create your own personalized engraved watch band.

You may wonder why the staking item is a watch. That’s because GazeTV slogan is “Every Second Counts”.

I believe your project will be more effective if you have apps available on the Play Store or the App Store. Could you please let us know whether you currently have your own apps or if you have any plans to do so? If so, can we install them on both Android and iOS?

We don’t have an app at the moment, but the platform is totally mobile responsive. Users can easily access GazeTV on mobile.

In the future, we may have our own apps. Please stay tuned!

How can users stay up to date with this project? Are there channels, including local communities, where users can get the latest updates? How can I buy tokens from your project? Will you have a program to sell tokens to users in the near future?

For any news and latest happenings on GazeTV, it will be announced on the news section.

Or you may subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates. (Scroll down to the bottom at

News will also be announced on our social channels:

As for GAZE token, it is listed on Bittrex and LATOKEN.

From time to time, we run bounty campaigns to giveaway GAZE tokens as rewards.

So, be sure to follow our social channels for the latest news and updates!


Segment 3 Telegram Live

Are there requirements to become a content creators on your platform? If so, What are the requirements to become a content creators on your platform? Is it open to everyone? Finnaly, How can I earn extra incentives as a content creators?

Everyone is welcome to be a content creator. There is no particular requirement as long as the content you published is your original content.

We do have our content policy to avoid meaningless content or content that are erotic, violent, or terrorist-related. Please refer to our Content Policy.

Is gaze Tv Global, can i tune in to watch videos on gaze TV from anywhere in the world Are you global?

Yes GazeTV is a global platform. You can access to our platform anywhere.

How does user segmentation work on GazeTV? What is the difference between user tiers? Where can I find the status of my account’s user level? What happen if I do not meet the minimum requirement of the user level?

The user segmentation is designed to ignite and encourage user engagement on the platform.

Each month, Gazers are required to accomplish the assigned missions to stay on their current level or get promoted to the next level.

User tier involves 4 levels from GazeBie, GazeSeed, GazeTank to GazeStar. A higher user tier requires a higher level of engagement in return for more benefits and privileges.

If you fail to meet the minimum requirement, your account will be downgraded. So keep engage your fans on your channels to stay where you are or get promoted to the next level.

Can you tell me what are the biggest achievements of the project over the past year and now? What are the main thoughts you want to convey through AMA today?

We have achieved a lot from Phase 1 GazeAge.

Over the past year, thanks to every Gazer’s support and contribution, GazeTV has run from a brand new site to now with over 669,000 minutes of video content and 17,000 Gazers across 200+ countries.

And last week, it marked another important milestone of GazeTV — Phase 2 “Gazer-lization” is launched!

From this AMA today, we wanted to share our vision — the story behind GazeTV — with you all today.

And don’t forget to create your account on and let’s connect there on GazeTV :)

Sorry, I am new to the crypto market and the community, as a new potential investor, I would like to know what kind of procedure or mechanism will GazeTV implement to ensure transparency. Project transparency in general?

Welcome to the crypto market :)

At GazeTV, we welcome everyone, not just crypto savvy users to join us.

Therefore, we have prepare a comprehensive User Guide to guide new users on how to get started on GazeTV.

And the reward mechanism and reward pool injections information are all updated on this corporate site.

GazeTV is divided into 3 users roles : creators, users/audiences, affiliates. Can I play the three roles to earn rewards or I can only choose one? Cos I see it is easier to be a creator and thesame be an audience and affiliate.

Although we divided our user role into 3 types, you can actually be all 3 user roles at the same time.

Being a creator, you can publish your content. At the same time, you can also view other Gazers’ content — that makes you an audience.


And every GazeTV account comes with a unique referral code. You can use your code to invite family and friends to join GazeTV to earn referral rewards.

Alright I think that’s about it. Thank you everyone for your interest and questions.

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