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Update on Content Upload Reward Pool

Hooray! We’ve reached another milestone! The initial upload reward pool of 10M GAZE was all distributed! What does this tell us? We are getting more and more video content on GazeTV, and this also means that the Gazer community is expanding!

With the second pool injection, the content upload reward rate is adjusted to 0.1 GAZE per second. But the engagement reward remains the same at 0.25 GAZE per engagement. Don’t forget that creators who created the video content receive the same amount of engagement reward as audiences do. In other words, the higher video engagement it is, the more the creator is incentivized. You earn more when your videos go viral.


Here’s a simple example:

A standard 20-minute video received 1,000 views, 150 comments, 20 shares, 200 likes, and 30 dislikes

The Reward for Content Creator is:

  • Content Upload Reward (20 * 60 * 0.1) = 120 GAZE; and

  • Engagement Reward (1,000 * 0.25) + (150 * 0.25) + (20 * 0.25) + [(200-30) * 0.25] = 335 GAZE

  • The total reward for this example is 455 GAZE


As you can see from the above, the creator receives more from the engagement reward than the upload reward. And remember, the engagement reward is sustainable. As long as the video content is on GazeTV, you receive the engagement reward whenever an audience engage with your content. Every view, like, comment, share counts!

* For details, please visit The Reward Mechanism.

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