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Top 6 Soft Skills Needed for Video Creation

With just a click of a button, all information that we need is easily presented to us. This is now the world that we live in. There are many sites where we can access information, and one of the myriad sources of learning is YouTube or many other video-sharing platforms. On there, the step-by-step guides that we need to learn something new are neatly presented by creators. What’s more, you can choose from various channels that talk about the same topic should you wish to get some clarification or another point of view.

I appreciate the dedication of the content creators that I follow. They tirelessly provide information and regularly upload new videos every week and sometimes even twice or three times a week. And since I plan to create a channel of my own soon, I believe I need to learn from them and get the soft skills that I need to launch a successful video channel.

Soft skills are usually associated with jobs and the corporate world. However, these skills can also be applied when we start our own business or how we manage our personal lives.

Communication Skills - Verbal and Non-Verbal

The superior soft skill that one must have is conveying a message well to the audience. Aside from the message, the delivery should also be clear and concise. Therefore, one must pronounce the words clearly and audibly in a friendly and informative manner.

Creative Thinking

To produce content, one must also be creative in thinking. That is, coming up with new ideas for the channel, thinking of new ways to present something, or discussing things differently that will be more interesting to the audience. It can also be explaining a subject or an idea in a way that is easier to understand.

Work Ethic

When you are in content creation, you can be your own boss. And just because you are your boss does not mean you don’t get to work. On the contrary, you have to work doubly hard. This is why work ethics are important. You have to show up regularly. You have to produce content for your channel consistently.

Time Management

I believe this soft skill is also essential to have, not only professionally but also personally. And in video creation, many things need to prepare before posting the video online. Multiple tasks coupled with mundane distractions and all the other ideas coming from your creative mind will undoubtedly mess up your schedule. You should therefore master the ability to manage your time well.


Success does not come in an instant. You may be producing content for months or years but still nowhere near where you wanted to be, which can be discouraging. But that is why you need to motivate and pep-talk yourself to continue what you have started.


As cliche as it can be, you need to have a positive attitude towards your work on your video channel. Things may not go your way, but keep in mind that it will turn out fine in the end.


Disclaimer: This is a guest post written by Amri Deen. The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the original authors. These views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the GazeTV Foundation.

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