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How does private live streaming work?

There are two types of live streams on GazeTV. Creators can choose to live stream publicly or privately. For private live streams, creators can have full control of the audience capacity and be able to charge for your live stream. All private live streams need to schedule for audiences’ registration.

How to schedule a private live stream

  1. Click Create Live.

  2. Go to the Schedule Live tab.

  3. Enter Title and Description.

  4. Select Category and Language.

  5. Enter Date and Time.

  6. Upload Thumbnail (optional).

  7. Turn on or off for Super Chat.

  8. Select Private.

  9. Enter Ticket price. Enter 0 if your private live stream is free of charge.

  10. Enter Pax.

  11. Enter Duration.

  12. Click Schedule Live.

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