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What's in Gaze Age?

Phase I "GazeAge" is about the development and functionalities of the features of GazeTV, forming the fundamentals of the GAZE tokenized ecosystem.

Tired of the upload process?

Introducing the automated video synchronization feature.

  • GazeTV offers an automated feature for creators to quickly and easily bring their content from other platforms onto their new GazeTV channel

  • This scalable feature supports content synchronization from YouTube, Facebook, and more than 455 million Wordpress websites worldwide

No reward for content upload?

At GazeTV, every second counts.

  • Content Upload Reward Pool, a mechanism to encourage and ignite content creation

  • Incentives awarded to content creators based on uploaded content duration

Income is not proportional?

At GazeTV, highly engaged contents earn more.

  • Engagement Reward Pool, a mechanism to encourage and ignite the audience-creator relationship

  • Incentives given to the audience based on their level of engagement with GazeTV content

  • Engagement will be divided into 4 actions: Views, Likes, Comments, Shares

  • Creators will earn incentives as engagement with content increases

Receive support from audience?

GazeTV promotes direct support culture.

  • Creator is able to receive support/donation from audience and continue to make good content

Want to price your video content?

At GazeTV, yes you can.

  • Creators are able to set the price for content

  • Content can be free-of-charge or priced in GAZE tokens

  • Audience pay GAZE to unlock content

Grow with your audiences?

At GazeTV, data visualization is important.

  • GazeTV offers a suite of integrated data analytics for creators to measure content and channel performance

  • Data presented in easy-to-read and visually pleasing trend charts, heat maps, line and bar charts, etc.

Need a reason to switch over?

At GazeTV, we empower you more.

  • Earn while watching

  • Receive rewards for engagement

  • Direct support to creators

  • Customised videos based on user’s interest

  • Staking for gifts redemption

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