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How to complete Identity Verification

Gazers are required to complete Identity Verification on your profile if you make a withdrawal from your GazeTV account.

What Is Identity Verification?

This identity verification process supports GazeTV's Know Your Customer (KYC) efforts to identify and verify customers' identities. KYC is an essential practice and a requirement for compliant organizations against fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illegal corruption schemes.

How to complete Identity Verification

  1. Go to Personal Information.

  2. Go to Verification tab.

  3. Enter your name, location and address.

  4. Upload a copy of your identity document

  5. Upload a copy of a proof of address

  6. Click Verify.

In general, the approval process takes up to 2 working days. You may go to Identity Verification to check the approval status.

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