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Membership Subscription

GazeTV offers a content vertical for content creators to publish your member-exclusive content. Subscription model can be priced on a weekly or monthly basis. Users who joined the membership subscription can have access to all exclusive content on your channel.

How It Works

Membership subscription on GazeTV ensures a steady income for content creators. If you create and publish content regularly, the membership subscription on your channel is the ideal place to monetize your content. Subscribers are required to pay a weekly or monthly fee to gain access to the exclusive content of your channel.

Member-Exclusive Content

Content published on Membership is exclusively for paid subscribers only. Content on membership channel is not searchable. Audiences are required to subscribe to your membership first before they can have access to any exclusive video content.

Eligibility Requirements

At GazeTV, we believe that every creator should be treated fairly. Content creation requires time and creativity whether it is professionally produced.

Every creator is eligible for opening the membership subscription of your channel. There is no minimum requirement.

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