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Live Stream

Going live on GazeTV is more than just live streaming. Content creators can live broadcast to audiences on GazeTV publicly or privately for multiple purposes. From streaming a music show, an event, a tutorial to hosting a live Q&A, a tour, or even just casual chatting with your fans, GazeTV brings you and your audiences together to interact in real-time, no matter where you are.

Public Live Stream
  • Interact and engage with audience in real-time

  • Maximize the exposure to reach the whole Gazer community

  • Grow your fanbase and expand your channel following

  • Receive direct support in GAZE from audiences during live

  • View and analyze the streaming performance to get to know your audiences

Schedule Your Live

Schedule to promote your live in just a few clicks to let the Gazer community know you’re going live. A dedicated page of Scheduled Live lists out the upcoming live streams happening on GazeTV. Gazers can view all the scheduled live events and save the ones they’re interested in to their calendar. Notifications will be sending out to Gazers who save your live stream for reminder.

Fun Sharing

Audiences can capture the special moment of the live stream and share to their timeline. A fun way to facilitate real-time engagement and interaction, and to arouse others’ interest in your live stream.

Super Chat

Make your message stand out with Super Chat. When you purchase a Super Chat, you can send your message and it will be highlighted and pinned to top in the chat box to catch everyone’s attention. Creators receive revenue from the Super Chat purchase.

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