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Automated Analytics

The GazeTV analytics dashboard provides an integrated analytics to help creators measure the content and channel performance on four aspects: Video, Live streaming, Subscriber, Post.

Analytics of Video

Analytics of Video allows you to analyze the overall performance of your video contents and your channel.

  • Insights of the engagement level of a single video to help you better understand which types of your content interest audiences the most

  • A breakdown of the revenue each content earned, from upload reward, engagement reward, direct support and content purchase

  • The total number of memberships and revenue generated from membership subscriptions

Analytics of Live Streaming

Analytics of Live Streaming gives you the performance report of the live streams you hosted on GazeTV.

  • The overall performance of live stream on your channel, including the total number of views and engagement actions

  • A breakdown of revenue each live stream earned, from ticket sales, direct support and super chat

Analytics of Subscribers

Analytics of Subscriber provides you the overview of the growth of your channel subscribers.

  • Demographic analysis of your channel subscribers

  • The overall P2P payment transactions your account generated, with TXID attached

Analytics of Post

Analytics of Post lists out the performance of social posts you published on your timeline.

  • The overview of social posts you published on your timeline

  • Engagement measurement of each post to find out the audience interest to tailor content to meet their needs

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