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Revenue Stream for Creators

Content monetization on GazeTV involve various ways. From content transaction, reward for content contribution, to receiving direct support from audiences, earning on GazeTV has never been easier. GazeTV helps content creators to build and expand your content economy through multiple income streams.

Upload Reward

Powered by the Content Upload Reward Pool, every second of your content uploaded is rewarded. The more original content you contribute to the platform, the higher the upload reward you are entitled to receive.

Engagement Reward

Powered by the Engagement Reward Pool, engagement reward is awarded to the content creator when user performs an engagement action on your content. The higher engagement level of your content is, the more you earn from the engagement reward.

Live Stream

Earn from your live streams on ticket sales and super chat revenue.

Paid Content

Price your content individually. If you do not have enough content to operate the membership subscription, not to worry. Creators have the flexibility to set prices on individual content of your choice.

Channel Membership Subscription

The weekly or monthly pricing model of membership subscription ensures a steady income for your channel.

Direct Support from Audience

At GazeTV, we promote direct support culture. A support button is available on every video browsing and live streaming page for audiences to donate to encourage content creators to continue making good content.

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