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How to Earn Engagement Reward

Content creators spend time creating content for their audiences, but every piece of content requires audience participation to make the video go viral. Engagement defines the popularity of the video.

Because time is precious and it takes time to engage with content, here at GazeTV, engagement reward is given to Gazers (both content creators and audiences) for every engagement you have on

Engagement on GazeTV is divided into 4 actions:

  • View

  • Like

  • Comment

  • Share

Engagement actions on GazeTV: view, like, comment, share

Notifications will pop up once you completed an action. At the same time, the creator who uploaded the content receives the same amount of engagement rewards.

You may go to the Transactions tab on Reward Center to check the engagement earning history of your account.

Visit and start getting engagement rewards now!

To earn your rewards, remember to stay logged. If you don't have an account, sign up now with your email address or social accounts at

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