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About GazeTV

GazeTV is an innovative decentralized social entertainment platform with built-in tokenomic incentives and reward functions. Harnessing the advantage of blockchain technology, we built the GAZE tokenized ecosystem to empower creators and audience to interact, support and grow with each other like never before.

How does GazeTV work?

At GazeTV, every second counts! Incentives are awarded to content creators and audiences every action you do on GazeTV.

  • By uploading videos, content creators receive GAZE tokens based on uploaded content duration.
  • By interacting (views, likes, comments, shares) with videos, audiences earn GAZE tokens based on their level of engagement. At the same time, creators will earn incentives as engagement with content increases.

Find videos to watch

Popular on GazeTV: Trending videos on GazeTV, showing the list of most popular contents amongst the many videos on GazeTV.
Recommended for you: Based on your interests and activities on GazeTV, we recommend the related contents for you. You may update the interests on your profile to help refine the recommendations.
Searching on GazeTV: By entering keywords in the search box on the menu bar, you’d be able to search for the type of content you are looking for.
Subscribe to channels: You can subscribe to channels and receive notifications of their latest videos published.

GazeTV on different devices

GazeTV is multi-screen responsive. You don't need to install app to use GazeTV.

My GazeTV Account

Create a GazeTV account

You’ll need to register for an account to login to GazeTV. You may sign up with a Google, Facebook or MetaMask account, or simply leave an email address for registration. After login, you may set up your profile with some basic information about you.

Secure your account with two-factor authentication

You may set up the two-factor authentication to have a stronger verification step to secure your account. Every time you login to your account, you’ll need a verification code generated from authenticator, for example: Google Authenticator app. Even if your password is stolen, this step protects your account from being hacked.

Interests of your account

You may set interests (max. 5 tags) on your Profile section. By customising your interest tags, these interest tags will be shown as a shortcut on your menu bar. You can view relevant videos by clicking the interest tags.

Subscribe to channels

You can subscribe to channels you are interested in. A subscribe button is located on any channel or video page. Once you subscribe to a channel, you’ll get a notification when the channel publishes a new video.

Saved videos

You can save videos to your account. Saved videos are added to your account under Saved. You may arrange the saved videos into different directories you created.

Purchased videos

Purchased videos are added to your account under Purchased section. You can view purchased content anytime unless the videos are unlisted or deleted by creators.

Upload Videos

Create a GazeTV channel

Each account is eligible to create a channel. You may input tags on your channel for audiences to search for channels they have similar interests in.

How to upload videos on my channel

You can upload videos to GazeTV in a few easy steps.

  1. Click Upload Video.
  2. Select files you’d like to upload.
  3. Videos uploading in process will be shown under “Uploading”.
  4. Uploaded videos will be shown under “Pending for Publish”. Add a title and description to your video.
  5. Click “Publish” to publish your video.

Add tags to videos

When editing your video, you may apply tags (max 5 tags) to your video. This allows your video to appear on the search results page when audiences search for relevant keywords.

Set pricing on videos

When editing your video, you can set the price in GAZE if you want to charge for your content. You can also set 0 if the video is free of charge.

Video synchronization

Automated video synchronization is available on GazeTV. You can quickly and easily bring your content from other platforms onto your GazeTV channel. This automated feature supports content from YouTube, Facebook and Wordpress websites. Simply follow the instructions on the Content Upload section.

Supported video file formats

GazeTV supports most of the video formats, for example MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS etc.

Channel analytics

GazeTV offers a suite of integrated data analytics for creators to measure content and channel performance. On the analytics page on your profile, you are able to view the overall performance of your channel and data of subscribers’ basic info. There is also a detailed breakdown of statistics of single video performance for you to measure the success of your videos. Before your account creation and use of GazeTV, you should read and accept all terms in Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer of GazeTV platfom.

About GAZE Token (GAZE)

What is GAZE?

GAZE is an ERC-20 compatible token running on the Ethereum blockchain. It is interoperable with any of ERC-20 compliant wallets which you own your private key (e.g. MetaMask).

How does GAZE work?

Every transaction on GazeTV is in GAZE. You earn GAZE by uploading or engaging with video content on GazeTV. GAZE can be spent on the platform or withdrawn to your designated ERC-20 compliant wallets.

Earning GAZE

There are several ways to earn GAZE.

  • For content creators, every second of your video content uploaded on GazeTV gives you rewards. You may also earn GAZE from priced content or direct support and donation from audiences.
  • For audiences, you can earn incentives by engaging with video contents on the platform. Engagements are divided into four actions - view, like, comment and share. Creators will also be awarded for engagements.
Visit "GAZE & Reward" section on this website to check the current reward rate and relevant information.

Send and Receive GAZE

You can send in from and send out to to any ERC-20 compliant wallet which you own the private key. When you do that, please make sure you are interacting with the correct token contract address. "GAZE" is the token ticker of GazeTV, the token contract addrss is: 0xd1e06952708771f71e6dd18f06ee418f6e8fc564 We also note that some crypto exchanges for example and are supporting the spot exchange of GAZE, however we do not enter in any collaboration with these exchanges. GazeTV does not promote any kind of secondary markets. In fact, GazeTV Foundation and never ask you to buy GAZE from external platforms, we ask for your engagement on GazeTV platform.The GAZE is utility token, you can earn and spend on GazeTV platform directly, for example use GAZE to unlock paid video or to stake for gift redemption.

Where can I spend my GAZE?

GAZE tokens are spendable on the GazeTV platform. You may use GAZE tokens to unlock paid content on GazeTV or support your favorite creators. You may also stake your GAZE in return for gift redemption.

Reward Center

Earnings from GazeTV

Earnings from GazeTV are stored in the wallet of your account. Pay date is every 7 day. Your GAZE earnings from the week will automatically transfer to your wallet where you can spend or withdraw your GAZE.

What is the difference between a regular and boosted pay date?

Regular pay date is every 7 days. If you want a faster transfer of your earnings, you may select the “Boosted Pay Date” option. Boosted pay date is every 3 days, and a 10% deduction fee applies.

Staking Rewards

What is staking?

Staking is the act of locking or holding your funds in a cryptocurrency wallet for a reward. It requires you to lock or hold your funds for a certain period of time in return for rewards.

How staking works on GazeTV?

To redeem a staking reward, you’ll need to send the required amount of GAZE to the designated address for the stated staking period of time of each reward. GAZE will be withdrawn from your wallet and then returned back after the staking period ends. Your chosen rewards will be distributed to you.

Smart Contracts & Wallet Addresses

The GazeTV and GAZE tokenized ecosystem consists of the following smart contracts:

  1. GAZE token contract: 0xd1e06952708771f71e6dd18f06ee418f6e8fc564
    This contract is GAZE (ERC-20) token contract

  2. Content Upload Reward Pool: 0x92612100202c7e7f475e0630837f213220740117

  3. Engagement Reward Pool: 0xb857a9281f52117688738f2a338bde82a411dcee

  4. Staking address: 0x0df2db12ed6352b4ec649a07837c39da66b17f0f

  5. Distribution address: 0x598ad2a33bbb3dbb309a4f3ff835f3660ee35a61

  6. System Wallet address: 0x018da4aba1bf9ee9dde04c2e1d905293a841eed3

GazeTV Algorithm

Popular on Homepage

The Popular section is the prime spot on GazeTV homepage. It shows the top 10 videos with the most number of views in last 24 hours.

Recently Watching on Homepage

The Recently Watching section shows the 20 slots of recently watched videos of your account.

Recommend for You on Homepage

The Recommend for You section lists out the combination of videos of interest tags of your account, relevant videos of recently watched and newly uploaded videos in last 24 hours.

Recommended Videos in Playback Area

Next to the video player, it shows a list of videos of relevant interest tags. If the video has no interest tag, it will use the Recommend for You sorting (combination of videos of interest tags of your account, relevant videos of recently watched and newly uploaded videos in last 24 hours).

Interest Tags on Menu Bar

When you click on the interest tag, it shows the list of relevant videos applied the same interest tag in random order.

Purchased Sections on Menu Bar

Purchased videos of your account sort by purchased time.

Subscribptions on Menu Bar

Subscribed channels of your account sort by subscribed time.