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Hello Gazer!
GazeTV is heading to an all-rounded socialization platform.

Since the official launch of Phase 1 "Gaze Age" in May 2021, GazeTV has successfully formed the GAZE tokenized ecosystem, empowering content creators and audiences to interact, support and grow with each other like never before.

Upcoming in Phase 2, GazeTV brings the GAZE tokenized ecosystem to the next level. The platform will be upgrading to a comprehensive socialization platform that emphasizes peer-to-peer interaction, networking, and discovery. While features in Phase I remain, there will be more interactive and playful features introduced in the new phase - "Gazer-lization".

Phase 2 "Gazer-lization" is set to launch in March / April 2022.


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What's New in Gazer-lization?

1-User Segmentation.png

Segmentation & Incentives

New and multiple levels of user tiers to ignite and assist Gazers in content creation. Gazers will have missions to accomplish and earn incentives to unlock various benefits and privileges on the GazeTV platform.

2-Live Streaming.png

Live Content & Entertainment

Creators can host public or private live streaming sessions for multiple purposes. Private live streaming can be priced and set maximum capacity. Audiences can participate not just by watching, but interacting with the live-stream content via special moment capture and super chat.

3-Social Networking.png

Socialization & Networking

Interaction between Gazers can be more close and instant. Gazers can post your daily sharing and create a personal card to expand your social network in the Discovery section. You can also perform live chat, P2P transactions within your network.


Referral Marketplace

Everyone can be a valuable promoter of GazeTV. Rewards are given to Gazers for bringing in new registrations to join the Gazer community. A comprehensive dashboard on each Gazer's account to track and manage the referral activities.

6-Gift Card Voucher.png

Gift Card & Voucher System

Gift cards or vouchers for Gazers to redeem exclusive offer or discount. The gift cards or vouchers can be additional incentives in GAZE or discounts on transactional behaviors on the GazeTV platform.



Powered by blockchain and smart contract technology, GazeTV aims to deliver the best user experience possible, providing an incentivized content consumption and 100% ad-free environment.

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Phase 2 "Gazer-lization" is set to launch in March / April 2022.

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