In Phase II, GazeTV is heading to a socialization platform that emphasizes peer-to-peer interaction, networking, and discovery. Integrating the two key components of GazeTV - social and entertainment, more interactive features and a user tier segmentation are introduced in this phase.


User Segmentation for Gamification

  • Multiple levels of user tiers to ignite and assist suitable and qualified content creators in earning more incentives and unlocking various benefits on the GazeTV platform

  • There will be missions for Gazers to accomplish, and rewards are given out based on the efforts and valuable contribution to the platform and audience

Live stream.png

  • Host public or private streaming sessions on GazeTV

  • Set streaming tickets for managing the profit and loss statement, seeing the statistics, and matching content with audience appetite

Social Networking

  • Discover other Gazers who share the same interests

  • Make friends and perform peer-to-peer messaging and communications with each other on the platform

  • A tread to post your daily sharing with images, texts, or even emoji expressions

content vertical.png
New Content Vertical

  • A channel for creating a new content vertical to publish content for professional content creators

  • Creators can have control over the revenue model of their content verticals

  • Creators can even import their artist token (ERC-20) as the payment method of the content with the verticals

Social Networking.png
Referral Mechanism

  • Not everyone is a content creator, but everyone can be a valuable promoter of GazeTV

  • Rewards are given for Gazers who bring in new referrals

  • A unique referral code for each Gazer for bringing in new registration to join the Gazer community

  • Track the usage of the referral code, view and manage the incentives earned from referral activities on a dashboard

Gift-card and Voucher System

  • This mechanism works at the platform level and individual Gazer channel level

  • Make use of the voucher system as a marketing tool to promote the content; creators can create a voucher for their fans and audience, which offers a discount on the paid content 


  • Creators are also able to distribute extra incentives to fans as a gift

Decentralizaed Cloud and P2P for Content Hosting

  • This is experimental that the GazeTV platform content hosting will be partially switching from dynamic cloud storage to decentralized cloud storage.

  • Gazers have option to select the storage method

ui update.png
User Interface Upgrade

  • A new look and fun way for Gazers to interact with the platform

  • With all of the above features to be implemented, it will be a re-design of the phase 1 platform of user interface and navigation​​​