The GAZE Token

  • GAZE is an ERC-20 compatible token running on the ETHEREUM blockchain

  • GAZE is transferable to any ERC-20 compliant wallets (e.g. MetaMask)

  • GAZE utility on GazeTV

  • Incentives for content upload and content engagement

  • Tokenized content transaction revenue distribution

  • Pay for content

  • Donate / directly support creators

  • Stake for gifts redemption

Gaze Logo_Final_GAZE_ICON.png

Benefits in a Nutshell

For Audience
  • Earn while watching

  • Receive rewards for engagement

  • Direct support to creators

  • Customized videos
    based on user's interest


  • Staking for gifts redemption

For Creator
  • Set price for content (free or with a price)

  • Automated content upload process

  • Immediate collection of content transaction revenues

  • Receive direct donations and support

  • Earn content upload rewards

  • Receive engagement rewards

  • Staking for gifts redemption

For GAZE Holder
  • Increasing utilities for GAZE

  • Adoption of GazeTV will result in a steady growth of the GAZE tokenized ecosystem

  • More on-platform utilities will be added for GAZE in Phase 2