GazeTV ignites and encourages content creation and audience engagement. It takes time to create content, and it also takes time to engage with content. We treasure both. Here at GazeTV, whoever you are, content creators or audiences, we empower you more! You earn GAZE by uploading original video content on the platform. You also earn GAZE by every engagement (view, like, comment, share) you have on the platform.

Based on the unique reward mechanism, the GAZE tokenized ecosystem is formed to promote interactive activities between Gazers.


Lights in the Dark
Phase I "GazeAge" is about the development and functionalities of the features of GazeTV, forming the fundamentals of the GAZE tokenized ecosystem.
Phase II "Gazer-lization" brings the GAZE tokenized ecosystem to a whole new level, making GazeTV a 360 degree socialization app for every day use.
Starry Sky


Phrase III "GazeSpace" will be rolled out after the completion of phase II. Further details to be announced.