GazeTV is a decentralized blockchain-powered social entertainment platform with built-in incentives and reward functions. The GAZE tokenized ecosystem is built to empower creators to tailor their content and be awarded for their work, and audiences to reward creators and engage with video content a whole new way!


Our Mission

GazeTV embraces and upholds content creation. We believe that content creation is invaluable, but on legacy video platforms, content creators are being exploited even though they constantly contribute their works to the platforms.

GazeTV is here to make a change – building a better platform and forming the Gazer community, a beneficial ecosystem for creators, audiences and the platform itself.

Meet Our Team


Jack Cheng

Co-founder, GazeTV foundation

Zach LeBeau

Co-founder, GazeTV foundation

Kim Jackson

Co-founder, GazeTV foundation


Jesse Co

Technology Lead, GazeTV.com

Eric Chan

BD (OPS) Manager, GazeTV.com

Jeffrey Cheung

BD Manager, GazeTV.com

Doreen Fung

Marketing Specialist, GazeTV.com

Xavier Siu

Senior Visual Designer, GazeTV.com